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As you can see, many different factors can come into play when deciding the legality of slide tackles in youth soccer. Generally, slide tackles will not be permitted in recreational soccer leagues at younger ages, but will be permitted at older ages and in competitive leagues. The slide tackle is a good defensive move to learn.

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A slide tackle is a type of tackle in soccer used by a player to get possession of the ball for his team. The player performing the tackle will slide into the opposing player, but must be careful not to do so from behind or they risk getting a yellow card or red card if they make contact with anything other than the ball first or make a reckless tackle.

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Slide tackles are generally only illegal if you come from behind and tackle or if you hit the player before you hit the ball, however sliding with two feet is going to make it harder to perform the slide in a way that is under control.

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Slide tackle in soccer. Again rule #1 is you can’t slide tackle in soccer from behind or it’s an automatic red card. When you slide tackle in soccer you want to tackle with your laces most of the time but you could us the inside depending on the situation.

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In brief, there is only one way to slide tackle– safely. And when it is not safe, it is almost always so unsafe as to require a red card for serious foul play. The term “slide tackle” refers to an attempt to tackle the ball away from an opponent while sliding on the ground.

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4. The Slide Tackle. The slide tackle should be a defender’s last resort. Winning the ball back through a slide tackle can be very satisfying if done correctly, but can go horribly wrong if your timing or technique aren’t perfect. Mostly because it’s impossible for a defender to control their momentum after leaving their feet.

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Slide tackles from the rear offer additional assessments by the referee. Frequently, the attacker will fall with less contact by the tackler. The referee must determine if the tackler’s actions reached the level of “careless, reckless or with excessive force.” The mere fact that the tackle was from the rear does not constitute a foul.

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Slide Tackle. The slide tackle is the most fun and effective challenge; it can be the riskiest and the most dangerous challenge as well. As with other tackles, control is important. Sliding to one side of the body improves control, maneuverability, and increases the chances of making a fair slide tackle.

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