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Preview — The Tennis Court Oathby John Ashbery. The Tennis Court Oath Quotes Showing 1-2 of 2. “An Additional Poem. Where then shall hope and fear their objects find? The harbor cold to the mating ships, And you have lost as you stand by the balcony. With the forest of the sea calm and gray beneath.

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The oath sworn in the tennis court outside the royal palace in Versailles… marks the beginning of the French Revolution. Language is at a loss as one tries to capture David’s visualisation of a unity manifesting itself as quantity.” Stefan Jonsson. 1. The Tennis Court Oath was a pledge taken by Third Estate deputies to the Estates-General.

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Peter McPhee - Louis' acquiescence... in the nobility's demand for voting to be in three separate orders galvanized the outrage of the bourgeois deputies. William Doyle - [Tennis Court Oath] was... one more assertion that they were subject to no other power in France.

The Oath of the Tennis Court (June 20, 1789) - History Guide

The Oath of the Tennis Court (June 20, 1789) BAILLY: I do not need to tell you in what a grievous situation the Assembly finds itself; I propose that we deliberate on what action to take under such tumultuous circumstances. M. Mounier offers an opinion, seconded by Messieurs Target, Chapelier, and Barnave; he points out how strange it is that the hall of the Estates General should be occupied by armed men; that no other locale has been offered to the National Assembly; that its president ...

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THE TENNIS COURT OATH.'. PROBABLY in no period of history is the temptation to exaggerate the importance of dramatic events by a false isolatfon so great as in the early years of the French Revolu- tion. This tendency renders the reconstruction or reinterpre- tation of the history of this epoch especially necessary.

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Third Estate makes Tennis Court Oath. In Versailles, France, the deputies of the Third Estate, which represent commoners and the lower clergy, meet on the Jeu de Paume, an indoor tennis court, in ...

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It was in the tennis court that on the 20th of June 1789 the third estate established the National Assembly, the new revolutionary government, and pledged "not to separate, and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established." .

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On 20 June 1789, the members of the French Third Estate took the Tennis Court Oath in the tennis court which had been built in 1686 for the use of the Versailles palace. The vote was "not to separate and to reassemble wherever necessary until the Constitution of the kingdom is established". It was a pivotal event in the French Revolution. The Estates-General had been called to address the country's fiscal and agricultural crisis, but they had become bogged down in issues of representation immedi