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Tennis Forehand Grip – The Ultimate Guide – My Tennis HQ

Forehand Grip Types Continental Grip. In the days of wooden rackets and serve-volley tennis, this grip was common. In the above diagram, the... Eastern Grip. Move your hand around the handle so that your heel and index knuckle are on bevel 3 and you will be... Semi-Western Grip. This is the grip ...

Tennis Forehand Grip Explained - All 4 Types [Used By Pros!]

There are several options for your forehand grip in tennis. Roger Federer uses what is called an eastern grip while Nadal uses a semi-western grip. This comes down to personal preference but most recreational players who have good forehands use an eastern to semi-western grip.

Forehand Grip- A Definite Guide On Tennis Forehand Grip

Familiar Tennis Forehand Grip Western Forehand Grip. Wawrinka’s forehand grip is western and he uses this grip to generate topspins with this grip. Semi-western Grip. Continental grip has evolved and given rise to semi-western grip. If you are a right-handed person,... Eastern Forehand Grip. It is ...

The "Best" Forehand Grip - Which Grip Should You Really Use?

Semi Western Grip. The semi-western is the most common tennis forehand grip you’ll find in tennis today, and it is used by many of the top players. The benefit of this grip is that it allows for a great deal of wrist motion, whilst also allowing the player to hit through the ball.

Finding the Best Tennis Forehand Grip - Tennis Instruction

Eastern Tennis Forehand Grip—. This is the classic grip that your first teacher passed on to you. Many advanced players still use it, but most top pros have turned to the Semi-Western grip. To adopt the Eastern grip, simply place the palm of your hand on the side plane of your handle, parallel to your racquet face.

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THE WESTERN FOREHAND GRIP. The western forehand grip is a widely used grip in modern tennis. Players like Sock, Djokovic, Kyrgios, and Nishikori are at the top of the men's game and these players choose the western grip as their preferred way to hold the racquet on their forehand.

Tennis Forehand: Best Grips, Tips, & Steps (with Photos) – My ...

Step #1 – Tennis Forehand Grip Eastern Forehand Grip. The Eastern grip is identified when the base of the player’s index finger lays on bevel #3. In... Semi-Western Forehand Grip. The Semi Western Forehand grip is located one rotation after the Eastern grip, which means... Western Forehand Grip. The ...

Western Grip | An Overview With Diagram of The Western Tennis ...

For many players, the western forehand grip may be a great choice. However, if you’re just getting started with tennis, you may opt for the eastern or semi-western grip and then move your way over to the western grip if it feels comfortable. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect answer to which grip a player should use.