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Tennis Racket Balance Explained (All You Need To Know)

Using millimetres or centimetres. The alternative way to calculate the balance of a tennis racket is to measure from the butt of the racket to the balance point in millimetres or centimetres. A typical racket is 685.8mm long so the midpoint is 343mm from either end.

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Tennis Racquet Balance. Closely tied to racquet weight is balance, or more specifically, how weight distributes throughout a tennis racquet. There are three categories of racquet balance to help classify various racquets, including head heavy, head light, and equal balanced. Head Heavy (HH) Head heavy racquets have weight distributed toward the head.

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Even balance means that the racquet is evenly balanced from head to handle, if the racquet has more weight towards the handle it is head light, and more weight towards the head it’s head-heavy. That’s how simple it is.

Tennis Racquet Weight, Balance, and Swingweight

Balance. The balance point of a racquet is that point along the length of the racquet where a racquet will teeter and totter on a thin support (like a 1/2" dowel or the edge of a ruler) without one end or the other being pulled to the ground. If the racquet balances halfway up the racquet from the butt, it is said to have even balance.

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The balance describes where the weight is distributed on the racquet. A racquet with a heavier head is appropriately called a head heavy racquet, sometimes referred to as HH. A racquet where the weight is in the grip is called a head light racquet, sometimes referred to as an HL.

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A balanced, or equal balance racquet, is one where the weight of the tennis racquet is distributed equally throughout the frame. It would balance at 13.5″ assuming it was a standard 27″ racquet and be 0 points head light.

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In terms of balance, this means choosing a tennis racquet which is head-light. A head-light racquet will see much of the weight of the racquet in the handle. This is beneficial to advanced players because it allows you to swing the racquet faster.

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