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Basic Rules of Volleyball - Double Contact on Setting

There is no rule in indoor volleyball about the "spin on the ball." What referee should call? "Setter has committed to a double contact only, if setter's hands do not touch the ball simultaneously."

SPIN SET TECHNIQUE | Volleyball Tutorial | How To Set - YouTube

Learn how to set a volleyball with this advanced setting technique called the Spin Set, which allows you to set a wider variety of passes with your hands, ma...

Volleyball Setting Techniques How to Set on the Beach

Beach players tend to hold onto the ball longer to help take off spin. Deep dishing. The deep dish is the style of volleyball setting where a player takes the ball in, dropping it deep into their hands and pushing out with absolutely no rotation. Back in the 80's this became the standard for setting on the beach.

Volleyball Setting Rules - Rookie Road

Players will pass the ball to the setter and the setter then places the ball for their hitters. In most rotations, the setter will move so that they are in the front row, and another player will pass for them. If the setter passes the first ball, another player, often the libero, will step up and act as the setter.

Dubious Rules in Volleyball | Set up for Volleyball

Let me bust one myth instantly, there is absolutely no rule in beach volleyball that says you can’t handset and there certainly isn’t any rule regarding the ball spinning when it leaves your hands.

Hand Setting - No Such Rule Pertaining to Spins | Volley Talk

The USAV Beach volleyball rule book clarifies this matter: Rotation of a set ball may indicate a held ball or multiple contacts during the set but in itself is not a fault. It's also worth noting that the AVP has followed the trend of the FIVB and USAV in loosening up on hand setting calls.

r/volleyball - Can someone help me find the rule about spin ...

I dont contest anyones calls on my hands (not yet anyway), but here's my gripe I'll give to anyone who asks: with ten fingers, I would bet even the best setters have at least 4-5 instances of contact per set. To avoid spin, you need the release of contact at all 10 points of contact to be as close simultaneous as possible, which you can do 2 ways: make the whole thing faster (which makes every instance of contact and release closer together), or catch and throw.

Volleyball Setter Rules | SportsRec

You cannot hit the ball twice during a set. Such “double hits” will cost your team a point. As a back row setter, you cannot block or attack the ball or hit the ball at all above the net. You cannot jump up to hit the ball with your body elevated above the top of the net.

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